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About Us

Global Legacy Consulting is strategically placed here in Savannah, Georgia and Cleveland, Ohio. As leaders in the marketing industry, we provide innovative solutions for brand management, customer acquisition, and marketing strategies. Global Legacy Consulting services are tried, tested, and tailored. Therefore, we can provide limitless scope to better assist companies from all industries and sectors, enabling the growth our clients require.

Marketing Methods

What we do

Here at Global Legacy Consulting, we are hungry to develop our clients in telecommunications, sports, finance, healthcare, and non-profit organization sectors. We help our clients ensure that their customer has a clear understanding of the client’s product offerings and receives excellent customer service. Our energetic and highly professional team will guarantee proper campaign design. It is what we do best! By using visual demonstrations and product advice, we enable longevity between the clients and their customer base. Then, we provide clients with quantifiable results, which can be analyzed on a daily or weekly basis.

We give clients a way to minimize cost, while maximizing the revenue generated, market share and enhancing brand recognition and awareness.

Why Choose Us?

We endeavor to go above and beyond expectations and once we have your company's campaign itinerary, we can begin to deliver results within a 24 hour period.  

How We Work

We tailor all of our campaigns,  allowing us to be 100% flexible when working in any industry, thus enabling us to meet the needs of all of our clients. 

Bespoke Services

We guarantee results for our clients while providing impeccable customer service 100% of the time. Tell us what you want from a campaign and we will go out and create it.  

Increased ROI

As a market leader in the marketing industry, your customers are extremely important to us and increasing your customer base is our number one priority.

Customer Service

Here at Global Legacy Consulting, we endeavor to create the best possible relationships with each and every single person that we interact with.

Full Package

We provide strong brand management, custom acquisitions and deliver quantifiable/measurable direct marketing strategies. 

Extensive and Diverse Portfolio

Businesses of all shapes and sizes outsource their marketing and sales to us. That's why we're so adaptable.